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Personal Training Testimonials

Martin - 

"I started with the boys at Burns Gym a week after the Cheltenham Festival which for me is 4 days of 10 hour drinking sessions, fry ups in the morning and Chinese or Kebabs at night and had ballooned to 14 stone, heaviest weight I have ever been and clearly overweight & unfit. As someone who used to be very fit & active (ex football player) I had been conscious of my weight for about 18 months.

Clothes I had for a while were feeling tighter & some I just couldn’t wear and having to buy a size up in all new clothes just to feel remotely comfortable, fitness levels atrocious, diet even worse - I was simply kidding myself on. I booked a block of 12 weeks with Joe & Ants because I thought if I try to go to the gym myself I’ll chuck it after 4 weeks & just go back to the norm. What followed has changed my lifestyle completely. Firstly the training was tremendous, enjoyable, varied, weight training that improved my strength, physical condition and resulted in me losing around 1 and a half stone in 12 weeks.

The nutrition plan and support away from the sessions was second to none. Always giving fresh ideas, recipes and the best way to look after your body away from the gym. This started to give me a daily structure and routine towards my eating and allowed me to cut out a lot of the junk I was filling my body with. What I would point out though is that in the 12 weeks I wasn’t living on chicken, rice and water. I had birthday parties, nights out, weekends away but the difference was my mind set. If I had one of the above events on I would ask the guys to put a circuit together for me that I could do in the house that would allow me to indulge a little bit more but also make sure I was maintaining fitness levels.I found this to be a huge help. The environment in the gym is really good, 2 knowledgeable, positive instructors providing you with the relevant training to achieve your goals. I couldn’t recommend Burns Gym highly enough and can’t wait to get started on the next 12 weeks.

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