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Burns Gym: Age with Vitality
Movement with a Purpose

Purposely built for older adults, whether living independently or in care homes, enabling them to engage in workouts alongside family members loved ones and care home staff.

Why Choose Us?

Family-Owned Business with Your Best Interests at Heart: Join coaches and brothers Tony & Joe, three-time Scottish Personal Trainers of the Year, as they guide you through your fitness journey.

Evidence-Based Online Exercise Workouts for Older Adults: Our routines are grounded in the latest research to ensure you receive the safest and most effective workout possible.

Accessible Fitness: A person centred approach. Customise your workout experience to match your individual ability, from gentle movements to more dynamic activities.

Nutrition for Wellness: Enhance your health with our collection of nutritious recipes, each designed to support a healthy lifestyle.

Programme Highlights:

Kilted Workouts: Enjoy fun, engaging and dynamic exercise sessions led by coaches and brothers Tony & Joe, sporting their traditional kilts.

Flexibility Across Abilities: With our person-centered approach, our evidence-based routines cater to a variety of needs, accommodating seated, standing, and bed-bound exercises, as well as individual and group settings.

Comprehensive Health Benefits: We aim to improve your physical strength, power, support cognitive functions, and boost overall well-being through our diverse activities.

Muscle Strength and Independence: Strengthen essential muscle groups to improve mobility and encourage independence.

Enhanced Balance: Participate in exercises designed to support balance improvement, which may help reduce the risk of falls.

Increased Endurance: Elevate your cardiovascular health and stamina with our specialised aerobic routines.

Ready to Join?

Discover how our evidence-based programme can help transform your health and fitness journey.


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