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About Our Online Exercise Care Home Programme

Welcome to Burns Gym: Online Group Exercise Classes for Care Home Residents:

At Burns Gym, we specialise in delivering fun and engaging online group exercise classes tailored specifically for residents of care homes across the UK, including Scotland, England, and Wales. Our sessions are expertly designed to boost fitness, strength, and balance, making each class not just a workout but a lively social event!

Why Choose Burns Gym?

For activity coordinators seeking to enrich the lives of care home residents, Burns Gym offers a perfect solution. Our online classes provide an accessible way for residents to stay active, enjoy a sense of community, and improve their overall wellbeing—all from the comfort and safety of their care home.

Our Classes:

Each session is led by brothers Tony and Joe, qualified personal trainers with extensive experience in working with older adults. Our exercises are designed to cater to different fitness levels, ensuring that every resident can participate and benefit, regardless of their physical condition. To add a touch of Scottish tradition and fun, each workout is delivered while wearing traditional kilts, accompanied by a variety of great music. This unique blend of culture and exercise not only enhances the workout experience but also promotes an enjoyable and inclusive atmosphere.

Your Feedback Matters:

At Burns Gym, the feedback we receive is invaluable. With over 2,000 feedback entries in our portal, we have witnessed improvements in residents' strength, balance, and mobility and more. These improvements are not just numbers—they represent real changes in the lives of those we serve, made possible through the collaborative effort of the residents and the amazing support of activity coordinators and care staff.

Join Our Community:

By choosing Burns Gym, you're not just selecting an exercise provider; you're joining a community dedicated to the health and happiness of care home residents. Our classes are a great way to add a dose of fun and engagement to the residents’ daily routine!

Get Started Today:

Interested in bringing Burns Gym's online exercise classes to your care home?


Contact us today at - or call 07729944554 / 07872637656

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Dr John Morley - "This is a great exercise programme."

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