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Enhancing Quality of Life in Care Home Residents with Burns Gym's Online Care Home Exercise Programme


At Burns Gym, we understand the critical role that regular activity plays in maintaining the physical and mental well-being of care home residents across the UK. Our bespoke online group exercise classes provide a vital tool for keeping residents active, engaged, and connected, bringing together a community spirit even from a distance.

The Importance of Physical Activities in Care Homes:

Physical activity is essential for a healthy lifestyle, especially for the elderly in care homes. Regular participation in our online exercise classes has been demonstrated to help and improve mobility, strength, and balance. Beyond physical health, our sessions have contributed to mental well-being by enhancing the overall mood of participants.

Introducing Burns Gym's Online Exercise Programme:

Burns Gym specialises in delivering engaging online exercise classes tailored specifically for older adults in care homes throughout Scotland, England, and Wales. Each session is conducted live by Tony and Joe, brothers and qualified personal trainers experienced in elderly fitness. Our classes are accessible from any common area or individual room within the care home, making it easy for all residents to join in.

Benefits of Our Online Programmes:

The accessibility of Burns Gym's online exercise programme allows residents to participate without the need to travel or move extensively, accommodating those with limited mobility. We design our workouts to accommodate various fitness levels and health conditions, ensuring safe and effective engagement for every participant.

Engagement with Activity Coordinators:

Activity coordinators are instrumental in integrating our online exercise programme within daily care home activities. They provide onsite assistance during each session, helping to motivate residents and ensure safe exercise practices. Their support is crucial for maximising the enjoyment and effectiveness of our workouts.

Unique Aspects of Burns Gym Classes:

What sets Burns Gym apart is that we are brothers and our blend of traditional Scottish culture and cost-effective training model. Bringing so many care homes on the one screen together is not just a workout session but a lively social event, complete with traditional kilts and a selection of great music. This unique approach not only enhances the physical benefits of exercise but also promotes an enjoyable and inclusive atmosphere.

Feedback from Care Homes:

We have received over 2000 feedback forms to date, demonstrating the ongoing dedication of activity coordinators and care staff who consistently provide us with updates on the residents' benefits. Much of this feedback is available on our social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, X, and LinkedIn.


Burns Gym's online exercise classes provide more than just physical benefits; they enhance the overall quality of life for elderly residents by offering a platform for social interaction and community building. As more care homes across the UK join in, we continue to see significant improvements in the residents who participate.

Burns Gym Class In Action

Discover how Burns Gym's online care home exercise programme can transform the daily life of your residents. Contact us today on - to learn more about what we offer.


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