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Burns Gym has been delivering face to face Functional Exercise Classes throughout numerous care homes in Scotland for the last year. This work has been put on hold due to Covid-19. As a result of this, Burns Gym has developed a new initiative to provide functional exercise classes, as well as human interaction via the Zoom platform without having to physically interact with external visitors therefore eliminating risk for Residents and staff in care homes.This initiative will present an opportunity in this current climate to focus on a positive narrative during a challenging and uncertain time.The workouts are derived from more than 35 years of coaching experience and are in line with the CAPA (Care About Physical Activity) initiative introduced by the Care Inspectorate. Burns Gym will deliver 30-minute functional exercise classes to multiple care homes simultaneously via the Zoom platform. These classes will have music, specifically designed workouts to encourage residents to move more and encourage residents to become self-sufficient. The workouts will also have a high level of interaction between Burns Gym, the care team and the residents to encourage a positive atmosphere and a safe environment. In order to measure and track session benefits, Burns Gym have developed a KPI scoring system which is relevant to participating in our Zoom workouts. After each class, the care team will fill out a session feedback form and send it to Burns Gym for review. 

Current Care Home Clients

Oakminster Care Group

Balmanno House

Holmes Care Group


Avondale Care Group

Care UK

Renaissance Care

Morar Living 


William Simpsons

Care Concern

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